Types of Corporate Catering Services

It seems like corporate catering services have become almost as common as corporate hotels. More news outlets are reporting that corporate catering services have been drawing investors and quickly growing all over the country, suggesting an even stronger momentum behind the catering firms and the companies they serve. If you’ve been considering catering to a client or company, then you may be wondering exactly what you need to look for in these types of businesses. There are some things to keep in mind when making your decision.

First of all, it is very important that you find a caterer who has experience providing corporate catering services. The better the catering service has been doing, the more likely you will be able to find some quality information about that company online. There are a lot of great ideas floating around about what menus work best in certain situations, so it’s important that you do some research before committing to spending money with a particular caterer.

In terms of what to expect at a corporate catering services event, you should know that you will usually be served lunch. This allows you to offer a wide variety of choices to your clients or employees. Sometimes a company’s base of operations can dictate what kinds of food they will serve at their events, so if you’re dealing with a New York City based firm, for instance, you may not be able to serve vegan food at your meeting because it would make them feel out of place. But New York City in general is a vegetarian paradise, so chances are your caterer can probably cater to a vegan menu with ease. It just makes good business sense to do so.

Of course, the luncheon or breakfast portion of corporate catering services can’t be ignored either. Most of these events will also include a choice of full or buffet style meals, which means you can expect either a hearty breakfast or some light lunch food. The buffet portion of the menu, however, can sometimes mean that there will be a limited amount of savory items on the menu – such as fresh fruit or a selection of crackers and breads – and you’ll need to make sure that your employees know how to properly order their food without wasting everyone’s time waiting on the line to be seated.

Other services that you may find common with many corporate catering services include wedding receptions. The type of meal, most companies provide for their reception guests can vary greatly depending on whether the affair is formal or informal. Formal parties may feature a sit-down dinner followed by a reception, while informal receptions tend to be more casual affairs that allow the guests to socialize and play games like golf or darts. Both of these types of events can demand a different menu than luncheon or breakfast services, but if you’re looking for something a little less formal, you can still find a wide range of foods to choose from.

Corporate catering does not always have to be confined to lunches and dinners. Company caterers can also provide snacks and beverages, as well as coffee and tea in addition to the food and drinks. You can use the same catering company for both types of services, or you can use a different one for each event. What is important is that your caterers are able to adapt to your business’s needs, so be sure to discuss these options with them before booking the service.