Planning Your Corporate BBQ Catering Menu

What does corporate BBQ catering mean? Could it be corporate baseball team events, or could it be corporate social work events? Whatever your corporate event, corporate bbq catering can help make your next corporate event successful. From corporate parties to baseball leagues and corporate events, corporate catering services for Fort Lauderdale area businesses are available to cater any corporate event. Let’s talk about corporate catering for your next corporate function.

You may be wondering exactly what corporate bbq catering means. Well, corporate bbq catering means any of the many delicious foods offered by a food franchise that serves corporate events like office lunches, retreats and company birthdays. This is what sets corporate caterers apart from all others.

If you’re planning an upcoming corporate party, then advise that you seriously consider corporate bbq catering when one of your options is out of date or no longer available. There are many companies that specialize in corporate bbq catering services. Some of the most popular caterers are Jack Daniel’s, Brandy’s, and Drive Inn Foods (famous for their clam chowder). There’s also Jack Nicklaus at the W Hotel and Casual Creole at the Galleria at Pine Hills.

Corporate event catering services for Fort Lauderdale area businesses range from very simple breakfast or lunch offerings to full-service catering. Corporate catering services in Fort Lauderdale include several well-known corporate catering companies. The W Hotel offers corporate catering services for lunch and dinner. Drive Inn Foods offers corporate bbq catering services for meetings and corporate parties. Brandy specializes in southern-style barbeque cuisine and has an extensive menu that can be customized for any size crowd.

Many of the corporate catering services offer a full line of delicious food dishes. Pastas and salads are common offerings. A corporate lunch catering service may feature steaks, hamburgers, Chinese foods, wraps, potato dishes, and pasta choices. They’ll also serve dessert choices such as fresh fruit, chocolate truffles, sundae, and ice cream. The buffet for corporate events may include a choice of entrees, sandwiches, vegetable platters, fruit servings, cheeses, juices, and desserts.

Many corporate bbq catering services in Fort Lauderdale also provide on-site wine and alcoholic beverage preparation and delivery. They often offer custom mixed drink menus and bar software that will help you create your own theme menu and order sequence. Some corporate lunch catering events may feature vegetarian fare, while others feature heavy appetizers and a full sit down meal.

When creating your corporate bbq catering menu, choose a theme that fits the corporate event. Your caterers may suggest a southern time or a New England theme. Your caterer should understand your budget and accommodate your needs. You’ll also want to work with your corporate bbq catering menu caterer supplier to make sure they offer enough of a variety to please your guests. Make sure your caterers have the knowledge and equipment to handle whatever dishes you may have in mind.

You can find corporate bbq catering services in Fort Lauderdale at almost any restaurant that serves food. You’ll want to ask some questions about the corporate bbq catering menu caterers have available and consider if you would like to have dishes from their menu at your corporate event catering. Many caterers will work with you on a customized menu for your corporate event catering. They’ll be able to provide you with just the right corporate event catering menu to fit your corporate event. Contact your caterer today to discuss your corporate bbq catering menu.

You can also get corporate bbq catering that is pre-planned and have corporate catering companies catering in Fort Lauderdale that will provide all of the food and beverage for your corporate event catering. Some corporate bbq catering companies are even able to do spring and fall events as well. Contact your corporate bbq catering company to discuss your corporate event catering.

You will need to consider several things when choosing your corporate bbq catering menus. First, you will need to consider the time of day when your corporate bbq catering menu will be distributed. If you are planning an outdoor corporate bbq catering event, you will need a cooler with ice to keep your guests’ beverages cold. Most corporate bbq catering menus are not necessarily vegetarian or vegan friendly, but you can always inquire about the types of food they will be providing and if there are any animal products offered on the menu.

You can have your corporate bbq catering menus personalized by a corporate bbq catering company if you so desire. If you plan on serving alcoholic beverages, you will need to inform the corporate bbq catering menu provider of this at the time of service. Many corporate bbq catering menus will offer a gluten-free menu. If you want to serve non-alcoholic beverages, you will need to inform the corporate bbq catering provider. They will be glad to accommodate your request.