Kosher Private Chef Services

Private or Kosher Chef Services is available throughout the United States. There are many types of Kosher Private Chef companies that can help you plan, prepare and host a gourmet dinner or party. Whether you have a small party, corporate event, wedding, reception or holiday party you can find a Kosher Private Chef. Most of our Private chefs are American and offer menus with national appeal for your special events. Our Kosher Chef Services is available in Miami, Florida, Las Vegas, Chicago, Dallas/Arlington Texas, Cincinnati, Columbus, Phoenix, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Omaha, North Palm Beach, Palm Springs, Sarasota, Southern California, and throughout the United Kingdom.

“Kosher Private Chef,” a term that has caught on, is the ideal choice for catering for any type of special event in Las Vegas, Hollywood, New York or any other city. For your special holiday or birthday, Kosher catering can make a difference to the taste and atmosphere of the occasion. We are a private chef business, specializing in fine, custom-tailored meals, private party catering, holiday parties, large event catering, corporate events, and select special occasions. Kosher is an accredited by the Department of Agriculture. Our chefs are members of the American Culinary Federation of America. Your special event will be custom tailored to meet your individual needs, tastes and budget.

“Kosher Private Chef,” as our company is often called, specializes in Jewish food preparation. This type of chef will be very knowledgeable about foods from the Jewish Dietary laws (Kosher if you please). The caterers will utilize all the fresh, natural and traditional ingredients available to create a delicious and healthy meal for the Jewish guest. Depending on the type of event, some caterers will prepare the meals; others will bring it in. A Kosher catering company will have the right equipment, specialized utensils and the latest high quality refrigeration and food preparation techniques to ensure an awesome, tasty and satisfying experience for the Jewish guest. The service is outstanding, appreciated by Jewish people around the world, and is a symbol of love, warmth and good will to all those invited.

Our caterers offer an extensive menu of Kosher deli foods as well as a wide selection of appetizers, desserts, and a vast array of fresh and healthy snacks. Kosher catering companies will prepare the following: Batichos, Chasnes, Choklik, Fondue, Hachshian, Jarlesberg, Kolache, Marzuk, Mysore, Paneh, Reheating, Shishgas, Sodka, Shutza, and Syrups. Most caterers are able to provide all of these items. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or to have a detailed discussion about our services. We would love to have you as a customer!

To complete your special event, contact a Kosher catering company today. With our Kosher catering services you can have a delicious and memorable event that will be remembered for years to come. Contact a Kosher private chef for an amazing experience, or for assistance with planning your next catering event. Enjoy your meal with us, and may we see you at our next function!

Kosher caterers are experts in planning and serving the finest kosher delicacies. We are the number one choice of Jewish families and professionals for all special events. Our caterers are available to meet the needs of any size family or business. Contact us to book your next Kosher catering event. Our delicious selections and fine attention to detail will make your next party a sure success!