Corporate Event Catering

Corporate event catering is an integral part of many successful corporate events. A well selected caterer will offer menus with a wide range of food choices to choose from and help create an atmosphere that will be appreciated by all those who attend. Corporate catering is a service that should be planned very carefully, as the food must be delivered on time, to ensure optimal services. Not only are you paying for quality food and service, but you are also contributing to corporate image, as every meal you pay for will be associated with your name and company logo.

Planning a corporate event catering service can be intimidating, but with the right consultants on your side, the task can become much less of a stress. Before making any decisions on what menu to select for your guests, you should first determine what type of menu will work best for your guests. Will your guests prefer vegetarian or non-vegetarian food? Will there be a lot of adults or children at the event? What are your budget restrictions? Once you have answers to these questions, you can move forward in planning a great corporate lunch or event.

Depending upon the size and type of event, you may have several caterers competing for your business, so it is important to find one that offers a variety of menus. This way, you can guarantee that every guest that attends will be able to find something to eat at your event. A good caterer will work closely with their clients to custom design menus to meet dietary restrictions, requests from guests, and create a balance of different types of food. A good caterer will work with a wealth of fine cuisine, appetizers, and cocktails to create exciting menus.

A good corporate catering company will provide a service level agreement with the client, listing the level of service each staff member is expected to provide. The service level agreement is a representation of the standards that the corporate caterer desires their staff to meet. The service level agreement should outline specific time periods for staff members to contact the caterer with requests for assistance or cancellations of services. In addition, the service agreement should define which employees are expected to bring their own dishes or utensils and provide information regarding any dietary restrictions. In short, ensure that any agreement you establish establishes with your caterer spells out clearly who is responsible for what.

Corporate holiday party catering can be very expensive or very simple depending upon the guest list and the corporate events being held. If you are hosting a corporate holiday party, you have a wide variety of choices as to the type of menu that will work best. Christmas and Hanukah are two of the most popular holiday parties. While both of these are festive occasions, the focus of the parties tends to be on food. Holiday parties are also generally less formal and guests tend to enjoy the more relaxed atmosphere associated with holiday parties.

Depending upon your budget and the number of guests you wish to serve, the food service provider you choose can be very simple or quite elaborate. Your onsite caterer can offer you services in either of these formats. Either way, ensure that your caterers understand your budget requirements, provide appropriate food preparation or can provide frozen food options that are low in cost. As many caterers specialize in either full or partial service options, it is often possible to have same quality food served two different venues by the same caterer. This is especially helpful for companies with a wide range of clientele.